VUPlayer is a freeware multi-format audio player for Windows
supporting the following formats:

MOD • Sound/Noise/ProTracker
MTM • MultiTracker
S3M • ScreamTracker
XM • FastTracker
IT • ImpulseTracker
MO3 • MO3 Packer
MP3 • MPEG Audio
MP4 • QuickTime MPEG-4 (AAC/Apple Lossless)
MPC • Musepack
OGG • Ogg Vorbis
FLAC • Free Lossless Audio Codec
APE • Monkey's Audio
WV • WavPack
AIFF • Audio Interchange File Format
WMA • Windows Media Audio
WAV • Windows PCM/ACM
MIDI • Musical Instrument Digital Interface
CD • Audio CD

Features include:

• gapless playback •
• MP3/OGG/WMA internet file streaming •
• optional 32-bit mixing •
• 9-band graphic equalizer •
• volume, balance & pitch controls •
• full system tray functionality •
• timer playback/screen saver feature •
• configurable system-wide hotkeys •
• support for multiple visuals via a plug-in system •
• digital audio extraction •
• encoding to Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, APE, WMA & WV formats •
• Audioscrobbler support •
• remote freedb support •
• CD-Text support •



version 2.49 (1.6Mb)
(for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista)

English (v2.49) Espa˝ol (v2.49) Italiano (v2.49) Svenska (v2.49) Deutsch (v2.49) Nederlands (v2.49) Franšais (v2.49)

System requirements:

Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, NT ,2000, XP or Vista
Microsoft DirectX version 3 or later
32-bit mixing requires WDM audio drivers
Graphic EQ requires DirectX 8 (version 9 required for 32-bit mixing)
Windows Media Audio support requires Windows Media Player version 9 or later
QuickTime MPEG-4 support requires QuickTime version 7 or later
MIDI support requires a SoundFont
Audioscrobbler & freedb functionality requires an internet connection
Audio CD support requires Windows NT, 2000, XP or Vista
CD-Text support requires Windows XP or Vista

plug-in source code

developers who wish to create their own visual plug-ins for VUPlayer
should download the example source code here
(includes mini control, oscilloscope, spectrum analyser & vu meter examples)

developers who wish to create their own encoder plug-ins for VUPlayer
should download the example source code here
(includes Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, APE, WMA, WV & MP3 examples)

all software was developed using Microsoft Visual C++ version 6

if you create something useful, let everyone know at the forum


main program is copyright © 2000-2007 James Chapman

BASS library is copyright © 1999-2007 Ian Luck

Ogg Vorbis is copyright © 1994-2007 Xiph.Org Foundation

FLAC is copyright © 2000-2007 Josh Coalson

Monkey's Audio is copyright © 2000-2007 Matthew T. Ashland

WavPack is copyright © 1998-2007 Conifer Software

Musepack is copyright © 2007 Musepack Development Team

QuickTime is copyright © 2007 Apple Computer, Inc

portions utilize Microsoft Windows Media Technologies
copyright © 1999-2007 Microsoft Corporation
All Rights Reserved

Audioscrobbler is copyright © 2002-2007

freedb is copyright © 2000-2007

recent updates

version 4.0 (1 May 2017)
a slightly belated update after ten years of inactivity

version 2.49 (18 September 2007)
updated to libvorbis 1.2.0, libFLAC 1.2.1 & WavPack 4.41
updated to version of the BASS library

version 2.48 (24 March 2007)
updated the Ogg Vorbis encoder to aoTuV Release 1
fixed a few minor bugs

version 2.47 (28 February 2007)
added MIDI support via BASSMIDI
added a MOD interpolation option
switched to using BASSWMA for WMA decoding
updated to version 1.1.4 of libFLAC
fixed a couple of Windows 98 related bugs

version 2.46 (25 January 2007)
updated to version of the BASS library
updated to version 4.4 of WavPack
updated to version 1.2.4 of libmpcdec
updated the main program icon (finally)

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